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To get to know a person, you have to look deeper
and see what is really important in life.
With wine, it is no different!


We invite you to discover the secrets of wine with us and to learn more about the winemaking process, which is one that speaks to all senses. Through tasting, you can understand the unique character of the different varieties, discover the secrets of the right selection of wine for various foods and learn about tasting techniques. This could be the beginning of your adventure with wine...


We organise tours of the vineyard combined with a lecture on winemaking traditions and wine. We invite you to taste our wines with a specially selected menu. Tours of the vineyard and wine tasting are only possible for organised groups who have booked in advance.


The programme of the visit to the vineyard and the menu is determined individually for each group. We cater for the needs of our guests, so that everyone can feel special. The cost of a tasting session depends on the number of people in the group, the type of tasting and the scope of the menu. We also offer an additional attraction of wine tasting during a barge cruise on the Oder. Wine tasting is also a unique gift idea; we can prepare a sophisticated gift card for you.


Make an appointment with us for your first or next tasting session.